Lumbago can be the result of excessive bending or other repetitive motions involving the lower back. Did you know that obesity and low physical activity levels can contribute to low back pain? Muscles get tight and weak over time and our anatomy plays a big part of how our body moves from day to day basis.

 For example: Dysfunctional hips are associated with their anatomical interrelationship, and past studies have found older adults with chronic LBP have a higher incidence of hip joint pain and pain with hip internal rotation.

 What to do?

Regardless of your situation, visiting a Chiropractor or Physical therapist for an evaluation is a must! 

  • Cryo-Compression 
  • Immobilization or splinting 
  • Passive Range of Motion 
  • Manual Therapy or Soft Tissue 
  • Therapeutic exercises 
  • Laser and Ultrasound