In nature, shock waves are caused by a high energy wave. This wave has an extremely short build up time and high amplitude, similar to an explosion. shock waves can be delivered therapeutically as focused waves or radial waves. Focused shock waves were introduced as a medical treatment for eliminating kidney stones 20 years ago. One of the side effects discovered during treatment with a focused shock wave was the effect on bone healing (bone density increase), as well as accelerated tissue healing in the area. Radial pressure waves are pulses generated by compressed air.

The compressed air is used to drive a projectile in a cylinder, located inside the hand piece, to a shock transmitter. The kinetic energy generated by the motion and weight of the projectile, converts into acoustic energy when the projectile hits the shock transmitter. The acoustic pulses then spread into the underlying tissue, treating a larger area than the focused shock wave.

Why should I use shockwave therapy?


  • Reduce muscle pain and aches
  • Temporarily increase blood flow
  • Activate connective tissue.

This is a list of common painful conditions that can be treated by Radial Pressure Wave therapy to help reduce pain and increase blood flow to the affected area: 

  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Shin splint 
  • Muscle sprain
  • Jumper's knee 
  • Runners knee 
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Trochanteric insertion tendonitis 
  • Piriformis syndrome 
  • Low back/thoracic pain and many more!

Patient Comfort

Featuring the new Falcon Handpiece and treatment transmitters, the Intelect RPW 2 shockwave is equipped with a broader range of bar pressures to help assist in patient comfort during treatment. Chattanooga’s proprietary ‘Comfort Mode’ provides an automatic energy ramp up, that helps create a more comfortable treatment experience for the patient.  

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